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Old Courthouse
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St. Agnes Historic Site
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Featured Exhibits

Delayed Desires: America’s Post-War Consumer Boom

Opened December 2016. A showcase of artifacts, photographs, and advertising from our West Bend Co. and Regal Ware, Inc. collection along with other artifacts from the 1950s-1970s.

The Zinn Dollhouse

This 27 room dollhouse was built over several decades by the Zinn family of Milwaukee.  Lorna Zinn resided near Holy Hill for many years and eventually donated the dollhouse to the West Bend Gallery of Fine Art.  In 2012, the dollhouse found a new home at the Old Courthouse Museum.  After nearly a year of restoration work, the dollhouse exhibit opened to the public in 2013.  It is decorated for Christmas each year and changing house scavenger hunts are available for those in search of a challenge.

Old Jailhouse Museum

Built in 1886, this “escape proof” was truly a Jail House.  It not only housed prisoners, but the sheriff and his family were required to reside in the residence portion of the house.  The sheriff’s office was also located inside the house.  The Jail has been restored to represent the 1930-1950s era.  It was used as the County Jail until 1962.